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As quoted in Tech Times, Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s said: “There are an estimated eight trillion texts sent every year worldwide. With so many people using their devices to communicate in this way, it made sense to allow our customers the chance to order pizza that way, too.”

Texting is one of the best ways to communicate in real-time to customers and external clients, but did you know SMS for internal communications is possible as well?  Because most people always have their phones.  

Anyone who owns a business knows just how important customer service is. Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, a retail shop or any other venture where you have direct contact with your consumers, being able to serve them properly and provide a quality experience each and every time is incredibly important if you plan to stay open.

Fortunately, for those who already have a line of communication open with their customer base, or are even looking for some ways to get those lines connected, customer service through text message marketing is an excellent way to start the conversation, and in turn, serve your customers better than you ever have before. According to mobile data tracking firm Infomate, Americans are sending and receiving five times as many texts compared with the number of phone calls each day. Younger age groups show an especially strong preference for texting over calling, with 75% of millennials choosing to text if given a choice between only being able to text or call.

Texting is a very personalized method of communication. It’s instantaneous, it’s direct, and it boasts a very consistent response rate. That being said, having such an effective way to reach the people who buy from you offers up an opportunity to build a better connection with them and earn some additional profits in the process.

This particular brand of marketing is becoming more popular as a means of customer service communication, so now is absolutely the time for business owners to start utilizing it

Some very timely and effective text marketing strategies to grow your database

Text to Join

V.I.P. Club

 Text Club

Customize Club

Text to Win

Weekly, Monthly

Every #th entered

Winner randomly selected

Click to Anything

Click to Reserve

Social Media


Special Events

Open House

Live Entertainment

Customer Appreciation

Get Reviews




Event Lead Capture

Text for Info

Text to Win



Summer/Winter Hours

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Our platform has robust commercial grade statistics and reporting, including messages sent and received, individual keyword activity, time, date, carrier, and delivery receipts. This allows you to figure out whether or not your messages are being delivered and identify why people are not receiving your messages. The only thing you can’t measure is open rate. However, 99.1% of all text messages are opened and read because they have to be opened in order to be deleted.