Mission Statement Money In Media

Growing your small business




Money in media Started in 2009 as I was transitioning out of corporate America as a National Sales Director and Retail Management Executive for over 30 Years, a fancy term for being laid off. Of course, I suddenly realized what me and a lot of other very talented people became a victim of; The Internet. You see the internet has changed the way America does business. As Howard Schultz of Starbucks, once said, “You’re either on the internet, or you’re out of business”. As a small business owner, you can probably relate.

Attempting another shot at corporate America, I joined forces with a cellular manufacturer who once dominated the corporate space for wireless communications. There I learned how important the internet is to all small business owners and why they should have a dominate presence on the web and on the Mobile Device. Google has placed an enormous focus on the Mobile Friendliness of your website. then after the last layoff, I knew it was time to focus on helping other small business owners not fall victim to the internet, but to use the internet to Grow Your Business, in the new Social Economy. 

“Money In Media and it’s employees mission is to create innovative websites that make local small businesses  profitable and bring you the best web experience possible.”

A small business owner would build a website and hope someone comes to it. Because Google has changed their algorithms we have the knowledge and tools to get your website compliant and help you drive more traffic to your door.