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Local businesses are desperate for more exposure, more visibility, more traffic to survive. Our marketing consultants help you reach local internet users.

Creating effective marketing in 2017

Money in media wants to help you address your marketing need for 2017. The overall statistics show that most business owners don’t have a strategy to increase their door traffic through the website. Our Marketing consultants will visit with you to determine what is the best path for you to follow to get more visibility, traffic, and potentially more customers.

To make everything come together in 2017, you’ll need to have a few basic things in place for your marketing. Here they are:

  • Make sure you are able to track website form submissions and phone inquiries back to their marketing sources. You need to know whether your online visibility, email, etc., generated the lead in order to evaluate how well your various campaigns are working. Many companies fail to track phone calls.
  • Make sure you separate true sales leads from non-leads; we call this process lead validation. Example: Many form submissions (about half, actually) are spam, customer service inquiries, etc., rather than genuine sales leads; if you lump them all together, you’ll have the illusion your campaigns are working better than they are.
  • Make sure you track marketing leads through the entire sales process. This is especially important for companies with a long sell cycle; for them, a lead generated in January could turn into a new customer in October and must be credited to the marketing consultants campaign for an accurate evaluation.

Whether 2017 turns out to be a boom year or a bust, small companies with clear goals, a budget and tactical plan to achieve them, have the deck stacked in their favor. Play your marketing cards right, and 2017 can be a banner year!



Winning the Game of Marketing from Robert Middleton on Vimeo.